Kubernetes upgrade v1.10 -> v1.11 vs. CRD manual backup


We’re running currently Voyager 7.2.0 and Kubernetes v1.10.2. We would like to upgrade our cluster to v1.11.3, and then later to v1.12.1.

I would like to verify whether it’s necessary to upgrade our Voyager setup now and if yes, what specific additional steps we are supposed to take?

I see in the Voyager 7.3.0 release notes that some problems might appear with the custom resource definitions when upgrading to Kubernetes v1.11: https://github.com/appscode/voyager/releases/tag/7.3.0

Is this also true if we upgrade now to Voyager 7.4.0 and then to Kubernetes v1.11 only after that? If yes, could you please show/describe an example upgrade workflow for Voyager?

Do you recommend upgrading to Voyager 8.0.1 in production or 7.4.0 should be fine for us?

Many thanks for your help in advance!